The case of "Skató" and "Skatasciári"

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    A Caltanissetta "Skató" signifíca "scarsu.." (na mmerda)

    "scadente-scarso, di bassa qualitá, da buttare" ( in italian)

    E.G.: "Sti rrobbi su skató" ; "a pizza skató"
    A makina skató..

    "Jé na mmerda" is synonimus of " jé skató"

    What I think ? It derives from the greek " Skató" = shit

    They also use the word "skatasciári" (that nowdays is either intruded into the italian conversations.. )

    I make an example for you to understand:

    1 " iddu un ci l'avía diri sti cosi! S'avia stari mutu! Anveci ci skatascia' tutti cosi a idda!

    Otherwise we can say " anveci ci cacá ( or cacáu) tutti cosi a idda".

    Skatasciári and Cacári in the sense of "revealing something" when you are not allowed, can be used as synonimus.
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