Capisciútu vs caputu

Discussion in 'Calabrian' started by Peppe, 9 October 2017.

  1. Peppe

    Peppe New Member

    I've heard calabrian people saying
    " capisciutu" while I never heard it in Sicily. Sicilians mostly use"caputu" or "capitu"
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  2. paul

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    Which area of Calabria? As we've learned the territory is far from linguistically homogenous, with Reggio being insular. Let's ask Francesco and Giuseppe what they've heard from their respective regions.
  3. Peppe

    Peppe New Member

    Unfortunately I don't know the area for the word " capisciutu"
    But "mó" and " cacciàri" seem higly diffused in all Calabria while absent in Sicily ( I dont remember if they use it in Messina)
  4. Ruggero II

    Ruggero II New Member

    Or in Catania you can hear "u capisti".
  5. fissatu

    fissatu Member Staff Member

    It's an honour to have our first ever king in the forum.
  6. Ruggero II

    Ruggero II New Member

    Nope, the first king was Agatocle but in hellenistic period.
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  7. fissatu

    fissatu Member Staff Member

    While he may have carried the title of King of kings, he did not rule over the entire island of Sicily.
  8. dapal

    dapal New Member

    'nt'â la pruvincia di Trapani e Palermu, si dici «caputu»/«'u capisti».

    Haju amici d'û sud d'â Calabria chi dicinu «capisciutu»/«'u capiscisti», penzu chi esti 'na varianti liŋguistica.
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